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Forest Bathe for Brilliance

Forest Bathe for Brilliance

Before you go cannonball diving into a chilly, woodsy pond, consider a far more mild yet potent “non-activity” the Japanese call shinrin-yoku (or Forest Bathing).  Immersing yourself for two hours in the serene green opens our five senses to our wild creative nature. Take a moment and be present, nonjudgmentally aware of the world around you and experience the crisp autumn air, crunching leaves, and the colors of the changing trees.  But folks, please keep your phone at home. Surrendering to these healing forces requires us to unplug.  


For the Seattle local, we recommend Poo Poo Point Trail situated just 25 minutes from downtown. Even if you don’t finish the full 6-mile hike, there are several points to recharge near creeks. On bright days you can watch people throwing themselves off Tiger Mountain from the PPP Trail in colorful paragliding gear. Talk about releasing it to nature! 

We understand that the typical urban magic-maker may have limited access to the mean, green creative machine. It's worth pointing out that mindfully observing the world's micro-moments can inspire greatness too. You may never look at the busy bird or nature's push through the sidewalk cracks in the same way again.