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Smells Like Creative Spirit


Feeling uninspired? Your nose knows how to change that quickly. Smell is directly connected to areas of our brain influencing memory and mood. Armed with this knowledge, we can easily elevate our creative slump by employing the right aromas. Citrus is a cheerleader fragrance rousing you back into the game. Ylang ylang or lavender can soothe a seething stick-in-the-mud into a mellow mastermind.  Spark creativity by lighting your favorite scented candle or imbue the air with diffused essential oils. Check out this Smart WIFI essential oil aromatherapy diffuser and humidifier. It can sync with your Alexa and Google Home while also following a schedule. Plus, the LED light sets a calming vibe for your workspace.

In sum, these surprisingly small efforts can make giant strides in boosting brilliance, while mindfully maximizing your creative potential. The gang at GAC believes a creative world is a happy world. Follow us for more of our tips on harnessing the kind of creativity that promotes a more radiant and creative global community.